Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Lady's Chapel at Sacred Heart

I said that I was going to take some pictures of Pittsburgh, but every time I go someplace cool (like the North Side and Sewickly) I forget my camera. This morning, however, I did remember and quickly snapped a few shots of the church we've been going to. We try to sit up front so the boys can see what's going on and we always sit next to this side chapel. It makes the perfect place to take a noisy Finny or John.
Here's John praying (though you can't really see it) in front of St. Joseph. He wouldn't pray long enough for me to get another shot with the flash on. We're asking for a home. And a job. Both would be great.
Anyways, this church is beautiful, but my fast picture snapping couldn't really capture how lovely it really is. I'll try harder next time. Really, I will.

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