Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smoke Stacks and The Perpetual Winter

We had some errands to run down at the Waterfront today. As you come down the bridge from Pittsburgh, you see this towering row of smoke stacks. These are from the Homestead Steal Mill and are non-opperational but are kind of a monument to the steal industry.
You can see what a gray day it is today. I realize I've come to a point where I don't really believe that Spring is really coming. This Winter will never end. It's kind of like being 8 months pregnant, you know logically the baby has to come out, but you don't really believe that day will ever come. But it will. Right??


Ben said...

We are getting more and more of the "non-opperational" monuments. In Lafayette they have a great "non-opperational" monument to Wal-Mart which is an old, decrepit walmart building about a mile away from the newer Super Wal-Mart.

Here in Front Royal, there is a great Monument to a Turkey Farm -in the form of a ransacked, abandoned turkey farm!

I've read about some great "hometown America" monuments in Kansas and the plains states. They are just abandoned, decaying ghost towns. But they make fantastic monuments!!

Steak said...

Maybe it's not a "monument." Maybe it's an Underground Factory!

I wonder what they might be making down there!

Flighty Girl said...

Do you remember the old steeple they had sitting out on the field at Christendom? When I first got to Christendom (and maybe you are referencing this Ryan, and I just missed it) they kept talking about the crypt. Well, I thought there was a chapel under the ground under that steeple. I don't remember how exactly I found out there wasn't a chapel there, but I'm pretty sure it involved some public humiliation on my part.