Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Triduum Begins with Snow

It began snowing last night and has just been dusting the city all day. When we left the house for church this evening, the flakes were coming down big and fat. Less than two days ago it was 79 degrees outside, and now this.
For Maundy or Green Thursday, we tried to have a 'green' dinner. Pasta with a tomatillo and cream sauce and a big green salad. Dan and I both like the idea of trying to build and maintain some new traditions in our family to help celebrate the liturgical year. I think this one is a good one, but I think I would like to do more next year. John will be a little older and it will be easier explaining to him the symbolism of what we are doing.
It surprises me the gifts God gives sometimes. The boys were absolutely amazing in Mass. John was so good I really was worried that he was sick. I couldn't help but check him periodically for a fever. Seriously, it was a little miracle, I was able to focus and pray in church. Thank you God!!

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Suzanne said...

We do Green Thursday too. Had a big spinach salad with spinach pasta and pesto sauce. Pete's dad is from Germany/Slovakia.
Happy Holy Easter to you!