Saturday, May 19, 2007

Craft Inspiration

It's decided that we will be renting once again. No home owning for me. Not in the near future, at least. And though it would be nice to be in a place all our own, renting will free us from the worry of certain unexpected living costs. We will be trying to find a bigger place, so that does mean moving very soon.
Moving always makes me take inventory of all that we have and I realize that we have, once again, accumulated so much junk. I picked up some Japanese Craft books here (I have don't think I can get them in the 'Burgh, so it was on my list of Seattle things to do - and no, I can't read them, I just like them for the pictures). I have seen them around the 'interweb' and have loved the crafty ideas as well as the clean, minimalist, homemade look to everything. Whenever I look at them, I'm so inspired to get rid of everything and start fresh. The idea of handmade clothes, toys, and linens somehow feels so much more wholesome. (It almost makes me want to eat organic too, for some reason. Almost.) So when I get home, I plan to start purging, and then I hope to start some new projects.

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Norma said...

I recently discovered these craft books and went on-line and found a local store that carry's them. I'll be checking them out soon. I really like the projects I've been seeing in them. :)