Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eye Candy, Coming Soon

I'm a magazine addict. I love all my "Living" magazines: Martha, Cottage, Country. I love looking at the beautiful pictures of beautiful homes, gardens, and food. They are great inspiration for creating beauty in the home. I think my love of home/living magazines started when I was a teenager and started reading Victoria magazine. I would spend hours over the pretty pages. I would try embroidering initials on hankies and making flower arrangements like the ones I saw in their pictures. I saved all my old issues for so long, but my dad threw them away when I was away at school (justifiably, but still, I wouldn't mind looking at them today). They discontinued the magazine and I found out through House Art Journal that they are reintroducing it. So if you are a magazine addict, Victoria lover, or simply like beautiful things, there's something to look forward to in October.


Anonymous said...

HI Kelly!

I lurk here because I found you through Steak's blog. I love those magazines too and I also loved Victoria as a teenager. I still have a lot of back issues....sorry for your loss. Maybe I'll send you some of mine.

I never made anything though. I don't have the patience. My poor mother always tried to get me into sewing etc. Oh well, at least I appreciate it.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog!

~Sarah Gasper~

Flighty Girl said...

Hello Sarah!!!! So nice to know you lurk. Nothing I made ever turned out, however. I'm just not that talented. Except for flower arrangements, but I think that's just because flowers are pretty, not too much talent needed on my part.

Anonymous said...

What I wish I had was a knack for decorating with random stuff. I find such neat things at thrift stores and garage sales. I know they CAN be put together to look great but I need the inspiration. That was one thing about Victoria, it always inspired me to decorate.

I just hope the new Victorias won't be filled with ads. The last year or two when they still made Victoria they were chock full of ads. Yuck.