Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mothers and Grannies

I have caught the mother or all colds. My voice is officially gone. Yet people keep asking me quesitions that require most lengthy answers. It's a bit ironic to be out visiting friends and family but then not be able to talk to them. Daniel caught it first and then the boys and I came down with it yesterday. Poor babies. Hopefully it will be a quick one.
I went to the fabric store yesterday afternoon and picked up some yarn and a crochet hook and decided to figure out how to make a granny square. I picked a nice natural cotton and after 3.7 million tries, I came up with this

I'm ok with it. I have bigger plans for this little granny. She'll need some friends, so I'll have to make more. I used this tutorial and thought it was great. And even though I followed the directions, I don't think I'm quite doing it right. I'll have to stop into my local yarn shop when I get home.

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