Monday, May 28, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Such a fitting band for today, Modest Mouse is from Issaquah, WA - my home town outside Seattle. I've liked them for a long time, ever since Polar Opposites.
We went and made a last visit into town to see Dan's mom and a friend. As we made our way out, we stopped in our old neighborhood. We lived in a little neighborhood called Tangletown within the Greenlake area. It's such a cozy place and if we had the chance, we'd love to move back.
Here's our old building. Not much to look at from the outside, but it was so cute on the inside. We lived on the top floor. It was such a sunny little home, full of such happy memories.
Zoka was our coffee shop. Just around the corner. Yummy coffee, good pastries, cozy chairs... it was such a great place to just hang out.
Diggity Dog was a little hot dog shop. We would pop in here for quick lunches and such. They have a great section in the back with little kids tables and toys. It was perfect for taking John to when Dan had to work late.
Mmmmmm....Mighty-O Donuts. These are the best donuts in the world. My favorites are the Grasshopper (a chocolate mint) and the Don King (chocolate with white frosting and coconut). They would have donut happy hour at 4pm of which we partook a little too often.
This was the pub. They had the best hummus. We would end ordering some up for late night hunger pains. It was the perfect snack.
This is the the view of Greenlake from just down our street. So many of our days we would walk around, looking at all the houses around the lake. Sometimes, we would actually walk around the lake, but mostly, we loved looking at the houses.
Our dream is to move back here one day. Hopefully before all the kids are grown. It's such a great place to raise a family. It would take a miracle to buy one of the houses though. But miracles happen, right?
We head out tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to being stuck in the plane. My ears are still having problems because of my cold and I just don't know how the boys will do this time. It will be nice to get back into routine, but I'm already missing my city. I feel most myself here. But maybe I shouldn't. Maybe my attachment to this place is unhealthy. I'm not quite sure. I guess "we'll all float on alright."


Irina S. said...

Hey Kelly,
It was great seeing you guys and spending time with you. I'm really glad that we made the most of your time here and spent many days together. I'm also happy that it was a good and fruitful stay for you here... I don't think your attachment to Seattle is unhealthy. It's very normal. Ever since you guys left I had this strong feeling that someday soon you'll move back here. It might or might not happen but either way you will always have family and loving friends here, that's for sure.

Flighty Girl said...

Thank you so much Irina