Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're ba-ack

We arrived home safe and sound and are just trying to get back on Eastern time. The day went by so quickly, I don't even feel like I'm here. Looking outside, the trees suddenly have leaves and the roses out back have bloomed. It's so good. I would have been so depressed if I returned to the gray outdoors I left. I have to say, I'm a little sad to be back. I really miss living in Seattle, being close to family and friends, knowing where things are, and just feeling like I belong there. I am newly inspired, though, to make this year better than the last. Being home was like remembering who I am. Like somehow I forgot it when I packed and moved out here last year, but this time I remembered to bring it with me. Thank goodness. Thank God.
Pics from our day:

We spent the day unpacking.

Playing outside in the sunshine.

John had an ice cream cone.
Dan and John got in a little reading before bed.

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