Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Name Stealers and other random news of the day

Julia Roberts is at the top of my list of people who steal my baby names. Henry Daniel!!! The nerve.

Anyways, today is being quite tricky though we're not really doing anything at all. We went to the thrift store this morning and found a million thing I wanted to get, but ended up buying about a quarter of it. Some things to sell on ebay, and a little picnic basket for me. I'm very into cozy picnics in the park these days.

I just had to stop Finn from pulling all the baby wipes out and John from pulling all the scotch tape from the role.

After thrifting, we dashed over to story time at the library and then had lunch at Pannera with a few of the kids and parents. We had a total of 7 kids there under the age of three. It was totally nuts.

I just had to catch a falling lamp. Thank you Finny.

Since then we've been home and neither of the boys will nap. My heads hurting and oh, how I would adore a nap. I've lost my phone. Well, technically Finn lost my phone. If anyone wants to call me so I can maybe locate it by the rings, I'd appreciate it. I've decided doing housework today is not really that important. I'll make dinner, that won't be too hard, I already have everything I need for our chicken and rice with a baby portabella mushroom sauce - yum. But other than that, I don't really feel like cleaning is necessary today.

Anyways. Darn Julia Roberts. And darn that phone.

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lisabean said...

I love this blog, your so funny.