Friday, June 22, 2007

"Jollyho! My first picnic!"

Lisa, do you remember this line? Cause I'm quoting you, my dear. When we were little and Katie had that dollhouse, the one that made all of us use British accents (at least try) when we made our little people talk. I don't know why, maybe it reminded us of Mary Poppins or something. I just remember you saying, "Jollyho! My first picnic!" many, many times.

Well, since the first of the concert series at the park, I've been loving picnics. The people there really do it right. You walk in and they have beautiful spreads: wine, cheese, bread... it looked so beautiful, I wanted in on the fun.

I picked up this picnic basket at the thrift store. Cute outside, awful inside. And look at the horrid plastic plates and mugs that came with it. Eww. After another Target trip (though not falling prey to the awful Target Phenomenon this time), I found these metal picnic plates on clearence for $.75 a piece and the blue goblets (they are plastic, but still very cute), at four for $2.50. I took out the lining and replaced it with the blue and white fabric I had left over from my kitchen project. Now I'm thinking of making matching napkins, but really, I don't think I have time.

Katie is coming this weekend and I think we will take a picnic to the Bach, Beethoven and Brunch concert series. It should be a lot of fun.


lisabean said...

I do remember that line I also used the line, "Jollyho! It's my very first picnic."

Flighty Girl said...

That's right!! I'll change it. I thought it didn't sound quite right in my head. You're funny.