Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Concert in the Park and Shushi

On Sunday morning we were going to take my recently refurbished picnic basket for a test drive at Beethoven, Bach and Brunch at Mellon park where the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra was playing. We went to the 8am liturgy then and had an hour and a half before the concert. None of us were able to wait until then to eat and ended up pigging out on our picnic at home. We did end up going to the concert and John and Finn had a blast running around.

John climbing on walls

Finn (with a Starbucks cup) looking more like his mom.
Finn with Aunt Katie

John tuckered out.

Last night Katie took us out to Nakama, a Japanese steakhouse and Sushi bar. I don't like sushi (which John pronounces 'shushi'), but I loved their hibachi chicken. We had the best time. The food was awesome and the boys ate for free. I've never been to a restaurant where the staff was so friendly and accommodating to my children. So great. After that we went to the fountain at Southside Works - just a shopping place near the restaurant. It's a great place to go and let the kids play and work out whatever wiggles they have left before bed. They got completely soaked, which felt great in the heat, I'm sure, and put on quite the show for all the old folks watching. It was pretty cute.

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