Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cup a joe??

After such a ruff day, Dan got some chocolate dessert and I made some espresso. We discovered this LavAzza brand last time we were in the Italian grocery store and thought we give it a try. It was really pretty yummy and less than half the price of Illy, the stuff we normally get. And don't you love my little demitasse cups?? My mom found them at the Goodwill in Seattle for $.99 a piece (cup and saucer). She was so sweet as to let me have them (as I am the one with the espresso machine), but if I were her I would have kept them. They're too cute! Sometimes, I think the cuter the cups, the better the coffee tastes. Anyways, it was a nice way to end such a stressful day.


Vanillabean said...

those cups are darling! i bet they make everything taste better!

lisabean said...

I love the cups, and how nice to sit and enjoy espresso and chocolate, in such cute cups. I need to go thrift shopping more often.