Saturday, June 2, 2007


I'm not swearing, I swear.
There's been a general, "I miss Seattle" air in the home. John yesterday after misbehaving asked to go to "old house" (which is my parents house). I feel for him. It's been hard adjusting. But I'm determined to do better this go 'round. So last night we were invited to meet some people at the Frick Park Summer Concert, a little event they have the first Fridays during summer. The singer was Carrie Newcomer - I loved her. She has a modern folk sound. We met loads of new families. Apparently, this is where they've been hiding. It was such a great night and I was thrilled to discover how much more Frick park had to offer - museums, greenhouse, cafe - very cool.

I loved Finn's red-red outfit against the green-green grass.

Don't throw stones.

John had a blast running around and trying to climb trees. I couldn't get a very good pic of him though. I loved the color of the leaves on this tree though, light pink and dark green. I wonder what kind it is.

Here we are under a canopy of roses. I was tempted not to post it as I think it's an awful picture of me. Oh well.


Kathleen said...

loved the pic of Finn with the GREEN background against the red. It almost looks like you photoshopped him onto the lush green background.

lisabean said...

I think you look great. John is so grown up, he climbing trees like a real big boy. It seems I have caught your cold through the phone. Sinus headache and all. I guess I should have come up since it was inevitable that we were going to get it.
Hang in there, I don't know what to say but homesickness is the worst feeling. I think Seattle misses you too, but at least you always have a place to come home too in Seattle.