Friday, June 22, 2007


We took another look at the house today to take some measurements and do a little double checking. We had to pick our current housing last year over a three-day visit. We had to live with some minor inconveniences in order to choose something quickly, so this time, we were hoping to not have to compromise so much. But regarding the house we chose, I have to say, I'm having some second thoughts. Inside the home, it's lovely. Still a small kitchen, but everything in it is new, and it's a little more open to the dining room, so I'm hoping it would feel a little less isolating. But other than that, I really love the living space inside - so much character. My problems are with the outside. The home is on the corner of a semi-busy street. We live on a really busy street right now, so it didn't really phase me too much when we took our initial look, But John has been really naughty lately and taking off into the street and just not listening, so it's just another concern. We also wanted a yard that I could let the boys out in and not worry that they would be able to wander off. This yard is small and not completely enclosed. We thought of some ideas to be able to do so, but when we looked again today, we realized they wouldn't work.

Not too fancy from the outside, but I love the living space on the inside.

Small yard and not completely enclosed, but it's not shared like we have now.

Great porch and the swing stays. The front porch does have a little gate on it, so I can safely let the boys play around on the porch and not worry about them wandering into the street.

Ultimately, I'm wondering how much do I give up? No house is going to be perfect, I realize that. After this last winter I know I need some actual living space. We were so cooped up and it was just too plain cold to go out. But now is the time to be enjoying the outdoors and I'm worried about not having enough outdoors to enjoy here. I just don't know. Any thoughts, prayers, and considerations would be appreciated.


Meredith said...

I understand your concern! Perhaps you can come up with a temporary fencing option for at least part of the yard.

Hope it all works out!

Bridget said...

I know how it is with kids, and let me tell you, there's nothing better than having the security of a fully enclosed backyard. Perhaps you should not be hasty and keep looking. As far as the perfect house goes, it took us a while, but we found the right house for us. Remember, it's a huge investment, and if you're not happy with a big thing like kid security, maybe you should keep looking. Compromise on small stuff. We compromised on the tub size in our new house. It does not compare to the awesome huge tub we had in our master bedroom in our first house, but hey, bathrooms are secondary to kids' needs!