Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So Grown Up

Dan was giving me a little break and entertained the boys for a little bit this afternoon so I didn't go insane. This is what I came into the bedroom to find:

Pretty Cute.

Finn is officially walking. He's been taking several steps for the last couple weeks, but now he's actually traveling on foot. I think he's happier to have joined the ranks of the upright.

Other than that, I've decided to have a garage sale not this weekend but next. I've accumulated a lot of stuff in that last year, I'm kind of amazed. So I spent the morning washing a few things and am making plans to start a lot of sorting. I'm kind of torn about one thing though. We have several toys that the boys have outgrown, not to mention clothes, but I'm not sure if I should save them for the next kids, or sell them while they still have some resale value. What do you do? Toss or store?


lisabean said...

How cute! That picture would look cute in black in white, framed.
I to go through the same ordeal, toss or not to toss? I actually just boxed up a ton of Isabella's clothes in a clear tote, so I can see what's in there. I did get rid of clothes that were to worn or I didn't really like and a bunch of onesies, they always dirty those up the fastest.
We too are having a garage sale, in a couple weeks our garage is packed.

Anonymous said...

I've kept WAY too much kids' stuff because I'm too darned sentimental. Now, I'm going through it and having to be more strict so we have some room around here.

My advice: Keep the toys that they loved the most and enjoyed the most. With the clothes, save the ones you liked on them so much that you actually didn't mind washing them and putting them away. All others, either give away or sell. I like giving stuff to to Salvation Army because I don't have to see people walking away with it. I'm so bad. :/

Incidentally, I have friends in Pittsburg. I wonder if they're anywhere near you. I think they live near Avalon.

Congrats on your cheery house! I love the colors!

~Sarah Gasper~

Bridget said...


I made a huge mistake after Teresa was born. Michael and Teresa are about 3 and a half years apart. So I was thinking, at the time, "Well, we have a boy and a girl now." Then I had Katerina So, I figured, time to down-size the clothing. Well, I got rid of way too much boy clothes, and now that I have Patrick, I really wish I had hung on to more boys' clothes! Ack! We do still have some stuff from when Michael was a baby. But the girl clothes out weigh the bot stuff mightily! Down-size toys, but definitly hang on to clothes in good condition!