Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thrift stores, yard sales, and organic stores, Oh My!

I've been doing an awful lot of shopping lately, but I can't say that I've spent that much. I we to the thrift store yesterday and found this lovely summery Williams Sonoma table clothe for $2.50.
I also found these two lovely items: a very large sewing basket and a vintage Samsonite suitcase. I have a boat load of crafting junk and more vintage sewing paraphernalia than I know how to use. It needs to be sorted carefully and put away so that it can actually be used. So this morning at some yard sales, I found some more wooden crates and jars for organizing and have begun the organizing project. The suitcase had all sorts of side pockets, perfect for storing little crafting items. So they are now almost full of my crafting things. I need to organize it a bit more, but I have made a lot of head way. And this is the lovely lavender plant that is soooooo fragrant. Dan let me get it from Trader Joe's.I just love lavender. And it's so hard to kill.

I was sitting at the table and looked up and saw this.

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