Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Update

I seem to have a subconscious aversion to my camera of late. I haven't been taking any pictures.
We had a full weekend. Saturday morning, and I was really wishing I had remembered my camera then, we went to the Strip. If you want to find anyone in Pittsburgh on a Saturday morning, go to the Strip, cause that's where they probably are. We loaded up on fruits and veggies from the local farmers and ate some yummy food. Later we stopped at Barnes & Nobles to let the boys play with the train table in the pleasant cool air conditioned store. I browsed the cd's a bit and got Over the Rhine's Drunkard's Prayer. It's pretty good. The band actually took its' name after a neighborhood in Cincinnati, which I have actually been to, it was pretty cute. I do like the Drunkard's Prayer album, but I felt like it was lyrically a little simplistic and at the same time, weirdly personal. The two major people in the band are band are married to each other and in the reader notes it explained the focus of the songs on the record were about their relationship being on the rocks and choosing to work it out. I think I just didn't want to know that much about them. Maybe that's mean, but I'm of the opinion that the less you know about singers, songwriters, and poets, the better. The more I know what they mean, the less of my meaning can go into their song or poem, and then what good is it to me then?? So selfish of me, I'm sure.
Other than that, we went to a little party and had a nice time. Dan went with a friend to the US Open and saw Tiger on Father's Day and we had a nice cozy evening together and that was that.

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