Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're the Cats!

This morning Daniel was able to study his Greek outside while keep an eye on the boys and I worked on the house. I was able to get everything done by 10:30am! What a freeing feeling. We had lunch, made a Costco run, and then a nice nap. Such a nice relaxing day.
I finally finished my pillow cases. I was a little pokey about finishing this last one, but I found a new embroidery pattern I want to try and realized I had to finish my first one if I want to start another.
I think it ended up looking real cute with our bedding.
And I had to show off my latest apron find. Only 25 cents.
I don't know if you can read it, but it says, "You're the cats!"

I have another project I'm hoping to work on tonight, but I can not find my glue gun for the life of me. Maybe after dinner.


lisabean said...

Your so cute, that you actually wear the aprons you purchase. I wore one yesterday and realized, there is a reason housewives wore aprons in the 50's other then just to look cute, they save your clothes. Imagine that.

Vanillabean said...

I like that "your the cat's" ... so cool. yes cool.
Hey I was thinking about purchasing a glue gun the other day. What's your thoughts on glue guns. some people swear by them. What do you use yours for?

Flighty Girl said...

As far as aprons go, I ended up spilling so much red sauce all over myself that night, no apron could have saved that outfit.
Glue guns are great for all sorts of things. I have to be careful and use them only when kiddies are alseep, so dangerous. It really depends what you are using them for. Once, I tried re-glueing the soles of some shoes that were coming off, it didn't work so well. But other things, very well.

lisabean said...

I was thinking about buying a glue gun too. I wanted to make sock puppets with Parker, but didn't want to sew, a glue gun would have made things more fun.

Bridget said...

Hey, Smelly! I'd love it if you guys could come see us around the 4th of July! Come to Michael's 7th B-day party! It's on 07.07.07! Isn't THAT cool?!?!?!

Anyway, we have a full house of relatives staying with us around that time. But don't let that stop you from crashing at Ryan's! Hee hee! Anyway, please come visit! It's been WAY too long! And you have to meet the rest of the kids! I know you've met Michael and Teresa, but I'm pretty sure you have not yet met Kat and Pat. PLEASE come to Virginia! I'd love to see you guys! Give me a call sometime! Ryan has my number. I don't know if I have your updated number or not. Call ME!!!!