Friday, July 20, 2007

In for a Loooong Haul

We ended up leaving dinner last night after Finn threw-up all over himself and me. He hadn't been eating all day, I feel like I should have known something was wrong, but I thought it was yet another phase. He's had a high temp ever since, but he's keeping liquids down and taking Tylenol, so I think it will stay under control.

Here's the sick baby, and his brother being sweet and giving a comforting kiss.

All in all, he's dealing well. Here he is laughing -
at his silly big brother.
Because Finn is so sick, we can't go outside, but John has managed to keep himself occupied. He's using the packed boxes as his personal jungle gym.
All this wouldn't be so bad, but Dan's just gone out of town. Fortunately my mom is coming in a couple days, so that will be a relief. We watched an awful movie just before he left, Premonition. It's all about this woman's husband dying when he goes out of town. Not a recommended movie, and definitely not recommended the night before your husband goes out of town. So this is going to be a long, looooong weekend, to be sure. So if you could, say some prayers for Finny that he gets better soon. Thank you.

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mamabean said...

Poor Finn. He looks so much like you and your brothers, very cute. I hope he's feeling better soon.