Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Just in case....

Just in case they weren't dirty enough, we gave them chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

So funny story. We had tortilla soup for dinner tonight. I love tortilla soup, and I was thinking how very good I was being because it's low fat and such. Well we went to Target afterwords for some much needed baby shampoo, sparklers, and bubble gun, and what is right next door?? McDonald's. Daniel says to me, "mmmmmm... couldn't you go for some?" I say yes, of course, and ruin all my tortilla soup goodness. So we each want a cheeseburger and just to split a fry for the boys, no coke, but it was cheapest to order the 'value' meal. The exchange goes like this:

"Can we get a two cheeseburger meal with water?"


"Yes, can we just get water instead of a soda?"


"Yes, we understand you have to charge us for the drink, but can you just put water in the cup?"

Loooooong pause. "Sorry, you have to get a drink."

"Yes! We just want water!"

"Ummmm... she won't let me. You have to get a drink."

"Just punch in a coke and put water in the cup, please!"

The exchange goes on even longer, back and forth like this for some time, almost 5 full minutes of us trying to convince the woman that really, they can just give us water. Finally she says, "That'll be $.. at the next window."

We pull up for our food, and they gave us both a coke and a cup of water.

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lisabean said...

You two remind me up Bobby and I except our weakness is tacobell.