Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just another day, full of good intentions, but in the end, not much to show for it. We did a little thrifting this morning. I found a few good things to sell on ebay, but I need to wait till August, July is such a dead month for selling. Then to the grocery store and back home again. Jiggity jog. Neither Dan nor I felt very well today, so there was a bit of video watching. Quite a bit. Well, for this house. We were going to have a garage sale this weekend, but I decided as much as I really enjoy thrifting and going to garage sales, I don't like having them. So we're not.
I made this for dinner and we're going to have this for dinner tomorrow. Thanks for all the recipe links, I've been busy researching new things for next weeks menu. I know there's some blog out there that has a 'Menu Monday' thing, I should find it and put my menus up. We made a little trip to Costco after dinner to get tomorrow's salmon and let the boys run around a little.

We had to "ride" the jeep for quite a while.

Now you know where Costco has their towels and linens and such? There's a space, a very little space, between these rows. Somehow, a little boy made his way into that little space and wouldn't come out!! After much cajoling, Dan ended up having to move several boxes and fish him out.

After that we stopped by the pet store to terrorize John with little animals. Well, that wasn't the intent, but he is apparently a little afraid of critters and such. Which is fine with me. I'm not a pet lady. Poor guy though, we thought he'd get a kick out of it, but I guess not.

So that was our day. John's still up cause he napped very late. Little stinker. We'll try again tomorrow.

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mamabean said...

Tell John thank you for finding the towels and linens section, I was going crazy in Costco searching for them.