Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sweet Crafty Dreams and Naughty Nap-less Babies

We've had a busy morning and I'm a bit worn out. We got up bright and early, except it wasn't so bright. It's been threatening to storm all day, so we'll have bits of sunshine and then darkness. I've been turning on and off lights all day because of it. Anyways, we went to daily mass, confessions afterwords, and then stopped over for a coffee at the Starbucks in the mall. Nothing was open at that hour, so the boys could just run around and not cause too much trouble. It was great. We then stopped at Finders Keepers, a furniture consignment shop close to the church. It has a bunch of antique and vintage furniture and the prices are great. We'd been looking for a toy chest for some time and we got this one for a deal. I'm thinking I might want to stain it a darker color though, but for now it's great doubling not only as a toy chest but as a coffee table.
The boys have been running me ragged though. I've been trying to pack and somebody refused to nap, so it's just been going swimmingly. At one point I had a box of books ready to be taped, went into the other room for a moment, and heard CRASH! I came back to find a certain non-napping 2-year-old in the now emptied box. Blurg!!

Then the mail came, and it's always nice when the mail comes and there's something other than bills. My vintage embroidery transfer I got off ebay came and I plan on using it on these tea towels I picked up from Ikea . My new kitchen is kind of a retro red, white and black, so I will have new matching tea towels.

That funky fabric pictured above is a find from the thrift store yesterday. It's a bit wild, I know, but I thought it would make such a fun summer bag. I've been carrying this bag since I made it, and I'm feeling ready for a little change. It's already so late into summer, and those colors are definately more of a summer look, but oh well.

I have all these plans for craft projects, but can't really start anything till we move. It's just too tricky to have crafty bits here and there while were trying to get all packed up. But soon though, very soon, I'll have my own craft room where I can craft in peace. Well, maybe not in peace, but at least I can lock the door.


Ry said...


How did you NOT know that he was going to climb inside the chest at his first opportunity?

Flighty Girl said...

No, he climbed into a packing box, not the chest. We got the chest so he COULD climb in it.