Friday, July 6, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

We had a most scary experience last night. I didn't get a good photo because it was 2am and I was a bit nervous of taking it. But it's this or nothing, so..........
I woke up to someone driving through our driveway and thought it was pretty late, but I figured it was probably just the neighbors. Dan got up and checked outside anyways. Apparently he had heard a dog and then saw lights. I got up too and when we looked out, there were about a million cops in front of our house and streaming out of our driveway. Dan got dressed and went outside to talk to the cops. Apparently a couple of car-jackers were being pursued and totalled their stolen car just up the street then took off on foot, up our drive way, and into our garage. They got the guys, thank goodness, with an attack dog and everything. The cop went with Dan into the back just to make sure they hadn't damaged our property and found some crack-cocaine, so it was a good thing they double checked. How nice would that have been for the boys to discover in the morning while they played in the morning. So we getting back to sleep was a little tricky. Our neighrborhood is supposed to be one of the safest in Pittsburgh. The neighborhood we're moving to is slightly less safe. But hey, it's cuter than the suburbs. Oy.

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