Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Eats???

Coming back from a break is always a little hectic. The unpacking, the loads of laundry, the grocery shopping, and just the general getting back into routine are things that feel like they should take several days to ease into, but the reality is they need to be caught up on right away (otherwise we'll have wild,naked and hungry boys). So I've been trying to do all those things today but my brain has shut down when it comes to food. I was able to make tortilla soup again last night with things we had in the cupboard (which I was soooo thankful for, the last thing either of us wanted to do was get back in the car and grocery shop). I've got chicken and mushroom burgers for tonight, but the rest of my week is unplanned (a result of not being home on a Sunday, my designated meal-planning day). True to my flighty-nature, I'm totally into something else right now (will I share it here? maybe. maybe not), so my interest in cooking has waned for the time being. So I'm asking you, my friendly blog readers, for some help. Do you have any recipes or suggestions for cheap, but healthy, summer time meals? (The other part of being out of town is you go out to dinner, sometimes a little more than you should!) You can either post the recipe on your blog and put a link for me in your comments box, or simply put the recipe of suggestion in the comments. Give as many suggestions or recipes as you want. I would really love it. We're just hungry, and I'm brain-dead. So thanks. Thanks a lot.


Steak said...

Weird. Blogger won't let me click in the "title" field with my mouse either. I've never had that problem before...

However, if you "tab" your cursor through the various fields, it will eventually put it in the title field, and then you can type a header for your posts.

annemcd said...

It was so nice to see you at the party this weekend! I have to say, you really aren't that flighty- I haven't been able to put together a meal plan for a week and actually stick to it in the six years I've been married! No, I take that back, I did it when I had one baby. For a few months. But that was it. I'm telling you, though, that Food Saver should help us! :)

Anonymous said...

Go to www.recipezaar.com and never go hungry!

Sarah G.

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks Ryan, your way worked and now it's finally letting me do titles.
Anne, it was nice seeing you too. I didn't realize you were blogging.
Yay! go blogging. And Food Savers. Sarah, now you're going to have to have a blog. I'll check out the link too.

Sumojason said...

FoodTV.com has a ton of stuff. I grab recipes from there all the time.

Bridget said...

Oh man. I wish I could help you out. Jason is the chef in our house. But that makes no sense since he comes home at 6:30 and dinner should be well underway by then. But I haven't been able to do that for a while. When Michael was in school for the last 3 weeks of the school year, I did well having dinner ready to go by the time Jason walked in. But I have TOTALLY slacked off now that Michael's bedtime is not so important for summer.

Anyway, I do alot of chicken with a veggie and/or a salad and then a rice side or noodle side. The Lipton/Knorr Pasta Sides and Rice Sides are fabulous! Anyway, I think what I am trying to say here is, I suck at cooking or even being creative enough to cook something on the fly like Jason can.

One thing Jason does is to chop up some chicken breasts, boil some bow-tie noodles, make an alfredo sauce (from scratch!), add some peas and YUM! Instant dinner with everything all in one bowl. Meat, starch, veggie. Jason's a genious.

Jason, you need a blog.

Anyway, this is the longest comment ever left, so I shouls end it now! Hope that helped a wee bit!