Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're out visiting Katie in the D.C. area this weekend. On the drive out, we made a detour and visited Ohiopyle State Park. John loves water, so looking at the rapids and the waterfall was pretty cool to him.

We got some great shots of the boys up in this tree. It had a perfect little crook for them to sit in.

Here's the walking bridge over the river and just a little store in Ohiopyle. I was playing with the retro function on my camera. I thought it was excellent timing that this older model of car happened to be parked out in front. Makes my picture actually look old.

This was too cute. Dan was standing with his hands on his hips and John sidled up to him, and after examining dad's pose for a bit and a few adjustments, he finally felt he had sufficiently immitated the daddy pose.
It was nice to get out and walk around and we are definately going back in the fall. With the beautiful PA foliage, it's going to be amazing there.


Bridget said...

By the way, I thought your boys were so cute just in pictures, but seeing them in real life, they're even cuter!!!

The Mommy Chef said...

I found your blog while browsing orgjunkie (weekly menus)/I live about 35 minutes from Ohiopyle.We are there almost every weekend hiking,picnicing,canoeing or just hanging out! It is a beautiful place.Great blog,by the way!