Thursday, August 2, 2007

3 Posts for the Price of One

Sometimes choosing a title for posts can be so tricky. Anyways..
#1 This is my latest craigslist find for only $25! I was so pleased. Our kitchen was very lacking in storage and counter space and this has been such a help. The hardware was pretty icky - gold tones popular in the 90's. So I switched out the pulls with some black one and I love these little ceramic knobs for the doors.
They were on clearance too! The hinges on the doors are still the icky gold color, but I was thinking I could maybe just remove them and spray paint them black??? Is that just ridiculous?
#2 Meredith had a post last week that inspired me to prettify little daily things we use. None of our cupboards are very tall, so instead of keeping cereal boxes on top of cupboards (the only place that would be tall enough) I'm just emptying the cereal straight from the box into these cute jars. They are so much more attractive this way.
No more tacky plastic dish soap container. Cute green glass bottle with a little pouring spout to prevent using too much soap at one time. #3 As you can see from some of the pictures above, the quality is looking a little grainy and I was wondering why. On further inspection, I discovered this picture among others quite similar to it in my memory card and fingerprints all over the lens. Hmmmmm..... mystery solved, I think.

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Meredith said...

You can absolutely spray paint the hinges...I have done it in 3 kitchens with no ill effect.