Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coffee Break

We've been enjoying the 20 degree cooler weather here and spending quality family time together. This morning, us girls (my mom, me, and Katie) went out together for a little thrifting. Poor Kate, not her thing, but she tolerated it fairly well. I'll have to take pictures with Katie's camera of our finds as there were some definite goodies in the bunch: lace curtains for my dining room, a vintage lace table cloth that could be a table cloth or a curtain for the living room, more blue and white plates, and a whole wooden Thomas the Train set (there are a couple red ones, so we'll have to get rid of those, but the rest is perfect). We got coffee at Vivace's which completed our outing as totally Seattle, and not so touristy this time.
As we came out here Katie and I picked up magazines for the plane trip, I'm not sure why, as we were hardly able to read them due to our hands being completely full of babies, but I've been reading them here and stumbled onto a very lovely blog talked about in House Beautiful. It's called Chocolate & Zucchini, and after looking through several posts, I'm quite loving it. All about yummy, healthful food by a French girl, whose now got a couple books out. Probably everyone's heard about it but me, but I'll pass it along anyhow.
So tomorrow's agenda holds time slots for coffee, family, more coffee, more family, and then some coffee with family. I'll let you know how it goes.


Sumojason said...

I would check out those Thomas toys. There was a major recall of some Thomas the Train toys recently because the had lead paint on them. You should be able to find the info on the net somewhere.

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks J. My mom went ahead and printed the recall list sorted them for me today. I think they are a bit old though, so probably pre-recall, but we're seperating them just in case till I can take a close look.