Friday, August 17, 2007

Feeling good, to quite good

The day started out threatening to be more of the same, but things mellowed out. We have some cool neighbors with kids and so we went over there for a bit this morning and then it's been pretty smooth sailing ever since. The boys went down for naps, and I mean all the boys (poor Dan didn't get more than three hours sleep last night) so I took advantage of the quiet time by finishing the boy's room (John slept right through my cleaning and organizing) and listed a few items on ebay. I felt so amazingly productive! Then Dan woke up and made coffee, and the wind has really picked up so I think the weather is finally changing, so I'd say I'm feeling good, to quite good.

Here's the boys' room (that's Johnny sleeping on the bed). Fortunately, these quilts didn't sell when I posted them way back when, cause I think they look so cute in the boys' room. I think they've grown on Dan and the room feels pretty matchy now, all blue and green. Mostly green. I love the fireplace in this room too. The mantel has made the perfect 'out of the way, but still available' spot for books. We were having quite the hard time remembering not to empty all the shelves of their books in the old place, but now it's not even an option for these naughty half-pints. I also managed to do a major toy sort. There are a few toys in their room now, but the rest are organized up stairs.

I plan on rotating the toys in their room. I had done this to an extent in the last place, but I stored the unused toys in boxes and would inevitably forget about them. This way they are clearly laid out. Easy to take out and easy to store. Daniel also put up some hooks for me in the kitchen and my beautiful vintage apron collection is now proudly displayed.

I'm still working on my craft room. Making a little progress here and there. I'm trying to decide whether we should keep a spare bed in here (it's a small room) or if we should just pull it out when we need it (about once a year). I don't know. I just want to get started on some crafty projects.


Vanillabean said...

They sleep in bunk beds? I was wondering when to take out Lucia's crib??? Hmm.. maybe sooner than i think.

Flighty Girl said...

John sleeps in the bottom bunk. Finn still sleeps with us. We knew we eventually wanted bunk bed and John needed a new bed, so that's why they're up. We've hidden the ladder so little monkeys don't fall off the bed.