Monday, August 6, 2007

Ferry Rides

John loves the water, so we thought a ferry ride was in order. We had loads of fun just walking on downtown and riding over to Bainbridge and back. We got coffee and then had lunch at Red Robin at the waterfront. How Seattle-touristy is that?
Oompa and Finn watching the water.

Katie and John (John didn't want out of his stroller till we were back inside after the very loud boat horn had sounded. A little too scary for him.)
Memaw & Oompa (Where's the pitchfork?)
Dad and John
Me, Dan, and the city we love.
Seattle skyline.


mamabean said...

I miss you guys!

Flighty Girl said...

Then you should come up and see us!! We aren't going to go down to OR, it's just too hard for how short this trip is.

Michelle said...

Kelly, Please call me while you're here!