Friday, August 24, 2007

My Little Epiphany

The boys keeping themselves entertained for quite some time playing peek-a-boo in the curtains.
Last night we realized John knew how to say the Hail Mary. Pretty much the whole thing, too. He's been holding out on us. We've been trying to say our family rosary with some regularity, but the boys have been chaotic during it, and John especially, has shown reluctance towards prayer time in general. It occurred to us last night to ask John to say the payers with us. I guess because he's young, we just thought he couldn't. Silly us. He launched right in, "Haiw Mawy, fulla gwace...." It was beautiful. And it made me realize that of course he wouldn't want to have to hang around family prayer time if he weren't actually part of the prayers. Such a simple thing, but so easy to forget. So this morning, the boys and I said morning prayers together. Finn did what he could. He said "Jesus" and kissed the cross. John and I practiced making the sign of the cross, said a "Haiw Mawy" and then asked Jesus to help us be good today. He understood, was happy to be part of it, and will probably be happier to say morning prayers with me in the future. And hopefully God answers that prayer about John being a well behaved boy very soon.

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mamabean said...

That is so good you say a family rosary. I feel like bed time is so chaotic alone, and we do prayer, but it could be more. Thanks for the inspiration.