Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Little Red Shoes

They dance and play, and skip all day. My little red shoes. (that's for you dad.)

I got some new shoes. They are Crocs, but not the big funky clunky kind. Cute red little Mary Janes, much more my style. They were soooo comfy when I tried them on, but now, I have several painful blisters. Naughty shoes.

Today wore me out. We took Dan to school, grocery shopped, took the vacuum to the shop too get fixed, went to the children's museum, home for lunch and naps, back to get Dan, cooked dinner (carbonara, yum), went for a walk with Dan and the boys and went to the neighborhood playgroup at the park, baths, and now some family prayer and hopefully boys to bed. In the midst of this there were, of course, several instances of super sweetness on the parts of these little lads, as well as super naughtiness. These flowers are all that remain from the plant Dan bought me last week. I had run down stairs to throw a load of wash in and came upstairs to find them both on the table ripping the flowers to shreds. Naughty babies. Good thing I love them.

It's hot today and it''ll be hotter tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be spending time pool side. yeah...

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mamabean said...

Those crocs are very cute. I saw a lady with brown ones, but haven't been able to find the mary jane style here.