Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Camera Montage

This montage really deserves some music to go with it (as all montages do), which I'm sure I could do some how, but I'm far too lazy to figure it out.
A package arrived here yesterday. My father, who is apparently generous to a fault (I say fault, because I'm truly spoiled because of him), bought me a new camera!! He knew it was the only way he could get pictures of his grandkids. It's beautiful and I love it! So yesterday I read directions for as long as I could and then went out to do a little testing. It's pretty tricky, but I'm looking forward to have all the bells and whistles figured out so I can actually take some decent photos.

The boys took long naps in the afternoon, so we knew bedtimes would be far off, so after dinner we headed downtown.

We stopped at:
Pike Place Market, just for the picture with the Public Market sign
Westlake Center, so John could see the fountain. He was so enthralled, we couldn't get him to even turn around for the picture.
And then Simply Desserts in Fremont for, well, dessert.

I obviously need a little more practice with the various functions, but all in all, pretty cool.

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mamabean said...

I love the pictures. I really like the composition of the picture of your mom.