Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not in a blogging frame of mind

I've not been in a blogging frame of mind the past two days. It's been a difficult week and a half with Dan starting back up at school. He's had work he's had to do all summer, but between vacations and the fact that he mostly worked in the house, he was at least physically there. The difference now, is lonesome. The boys have been on a better schedule, and for the most part been well behaved (aside from this morning, when John, broke one of my favorite toys, a red barn - don't you hate it when they break your favorite toys??).

We went to the children's museum this morning, a lot of fun for the boys, and it seems like every kid that normally goes to story time with us showed up, so plenty of playmates. I got pictures on my phone, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to transfer them to the computer. Then home again, to bed, and on the computer for me.

Ebay is having a special deal this month, no listing fees, so I'm trying to list 4 items a day. I have to start ransacking our closets, books, and toys for more goodies to list. An excellent way to start the new year by getting rid of old junk. (Yes, new year. The church's liturgical year starts at the beginning of September.) So I feel like I've been spending an exorbitant amount of time on the computer with that.

So no new projects to show, no funny stories to tell, no new decorating (I haven't even finished setting up my craft room). Nothing too blog-worthy in general. Hmm... maybe I could say that for several of my past posts....

One thing though...

the free box at garage sales can have quite the treasures ;) The title just struck me funny.

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