Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Day

It's been raining for most of the day, and I couldn't be happier. We've been working on projects and drinking coffee. Here are the boys playing nicely on the porch during one of the few less-rainy moments.The porch is nice and big and has a gate I can lock, so it's perfect for rainy day play.
We took a little trip to the thrift store this morning. A few good finds, like cute little matching bedside lamps, and the perfect pillows for our couch.
I had been looking for a bit more red to add to the room, and the pillows were the perfect thing. I think our living room is looking much cozier now. I'm still looking for a rug, coffee table, and t.v. armoire, but I'm holding out for the best deals. Last year I think we settled for things we didn't truly love and paid too much (like the stupid Ikea couch). This time we're taking it slow, and I'm enjoying the hunt.
And I did finally getting my windows dressed. No more table clothes and sheets!I found some more lace for the front windows (brand new for the same price as my thrifted ones!) and while gathering hardware and looking over the drapes at Ikea, I came across the sale table for the fabric. I was able to buy over 7 yards of fabric for $14, and now I have matching curtains for my living and dining room. They do need to be hemmed, and just my luck, my neighbor has an extra sewing machine she's letting my borrow (mine is still broken).

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G'Ma said...

Miss those boys so much! I didn't know you had a porch swing- how cool is that!