Saturday, August 25, 2007


Clever post title, eh??
Well earlier this week John was very enthralled with the landscapers working outside, it wasn't until half-way through their job that I bothered to see why they were so fascinating and realized they were cutting off more than three feet from the top of our hedges. I felt totally exposed. There is still a lot of coverage, but I feel so much more visible to neighbor's windows and passers by. The one good thing that came of it, was the discovery of the other pole for the laundry line that was near impossible to see in the midst of the bramble. So today I did a load of wash and set it out to dry. Strangely enough, they cut the hedge too short but didn't cut the grass at all, so my yard is a bit long-ish.


We went to a few yard sales this morning and found some treasures. These candle holders/sconces were amongst the finds, as well as some brand-new, in the box Dansko Shoes (which retail for $128) to be sold on eBay asap, and some beautiful tapestry material to be made into cushions for the window seat. Dan bought the mum (pictured behind the candle holders) last night to replace the plant the boys killed. Very sweet of him. And only $3 at Whole Foods. And the neighbor girl just came over with these four green tomatoes. She said they were for me. And then she left. Very sweet of her.

Tonight, if we are very, very lucky, we are going out on a date. So say a little prayer that little boys sleep as they should. I'd appreciate it very, very much.


mamabean said...

Do you hire landscapers?o

Flighty Girl said...

We didn't hire them. The landlord has them come. We would rather do it ourselves, really. Unfortunately, the previous tenants let the yard just fall apart, so we have to have yard people.