Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So maybe Einstein's not so smart

Well, Baby Einstein, that is. A story just came out in the Seattle Post Intelligence about a U.W. study showing that watching Baby Einstein videos can actually hinder a child's ability to pick up vocabulary. Really, I wonder if it's the case with all tv at such a young age, but it's an interesting article.

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mamabean said...

Isabella watches Baby Einstien, and she says a ton of words and is evem putting words together to make little sentences. I also turn on Seaseme Street in the mornings, which she loves to dance to the music and see other children. I think everything in moderation is they key. I do read to her everyday and work with her on learning a new words every day. I think some babies grasp it quick and some just need a little more time. Of course if you stick your kid in front of the tv all day they aren't going to learn much, just like an adult who watches tv all day.I guess I just get tired of all these so called experts saying what's best for our children, what happen to
common sense?