Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Still Getting Settled

I'm still unpacking several rooms. We assembled bunk beds for the boys room last night. John and Finn went down amazingly around the same time. It was great! So we opened some wine and started assembling. They came out perfect, so I'm thinking wine should be involved in all our furniture assembling adventures. I'm hoping to get some mattresses tomorrow, but we'll see. It might be a weekend project with Dan.

I've started to tackle my craft room as well. This is the before shot. So depressing, isn't it?? I think it's going take forever till it's how I want it. Dan's being helpful and kind of guiding me. I'm posting shots as they come. Here is the prettiest corner of the room so far:

One of my thrifting finds in Seattle were these curtains for our dining room:

We still need to put up another rod and put something up that's not sheer for privacy at night, but during the day it's perfect. It lets in so much light yet gives plenty of privacy. I was thinking I would cut and hem the bottoms initially, but have kind of liked the way it looks with the fabric all bunched at the bottom. Maybe laziness is subconsciously manifesting itself in my decorating sensibilities. What do you think? I also want to make some softer seating for the window seat and have been on the lookout for fabric. I'm not decided on which I should do though, throw pillows or cushions. Any thoughts?

John has just wandered in and plopped himself down on the floor to inspect a wall clock (a wall clock on the floor, I know, I've not made too much progress). He's currently singing, "Barbara manatee, manatee. You are the one for me, one for me. You come from up above, up above. You are the one I love, one I love." We love our Veggie Tales.

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