Saturday, September 15, 2007


Not only did we get the flower bed done, but I finally hung the alphabet wall art in the boy's room. I love the illustrations.
I had wanted to hang them lower, more kid eye level, but there is the problem of them ripping them off the wall. So up high they went. But not too high.
Both boys really liked them. John was busy counting them and Finn kept pointing to different ones asking, "What's that?"
Here's John looking sweet and innocent. He didn't have a nap though, so you can forget about the sweet and innocent part.

Well, not completely. He's still good for a cuddle. In between throwing toys.


mamabean said...

I love wall art. I want to get the flower wall cards for Isabella and the new baby's room, whenever we finally add on.

Mommy Chef said...

I am really loving the wall art! I would love to do Rylan's room with those?Can I ask where you bought them? Have a great week!~Elizabeth