Monday, September 24, 2007

In Good Company

Well we still have guests, and this time Erin, Lucia and Katie are here. I don't have any photos of them yet, but soon. We've been having such good times with the grandma's and now the aunties. It makes us wish we lived on the west coast again just to be closer to them all. Maybe one day.We had a lovely little picnic, but I took really bad pictures. (no actual pictures of the spread as it was so yummy, cameras were simply an after thought)John did some digging in the dirt.
We had a little b-day party for a little someone who's turning three. (who knows why the picture won't load any bigger than this??)
He got the kitchen he's been coveting for a very long time from his memaw and oompa.
He's been cooking for me every day.
G'ma brought bunches of toys and books and this little plane has been a necessity for sleep ever since.
Ok, so I'm off to have a late night snack and chats with the girls.


mamabean said...

oh I am so sad I wish I could be there to have a late night chat, and good laughs. Yes! Post some pictures of the cousins! That little kitchen is adorable, where did your mom get it?

mamabean said...

Give Johnny and big bear hug and Happy Birthday for me.