Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Anthropomorphic Kitchen Linen

So I've been doing a little more embroidery and wanted to try out a french seem I learned about here and ended up making a little onion bag.

Maybe it's silly, but I don't care. I'll get a bunch of onions and the skins fall all over the floor, this way they don't and I got to experiment making my own drawing and then transferring it, as well as the seems.
Silly onions. I'm going to make a potato bag next ;)


mamabean said...

Did you draw that onion man yourself?
He's very cute and I love your style.And what deals you have found. If I have the chance to come visit you, I am going to make you take me garage sailing and thrifting. I think the sales over here are often to overpriced and don't have that nice of stuff.

Flighty Girl said...

yeah, I drew, transferred and embroidered - being my first design of my own I'm ok with it, but it is very off center. Oh well.