Thursday, September 13, 2007

Remains of the day

The basil plant I haven't killed yet.
The flower John picked for me.
And a stripey me.
They boys took very late naps today and so I have a long evening ahead of me. We stopped at the farmer's market and I forgot my camera. Again. Even when I remembered just moments before I walked out the door that I wanted to bring it. Does your brain ever recover from having kids?? My memory has been shot even since. My mom got the coolest tunnel toy for the boys and they've been having a blast. I couldn't get any good shots though.
It's time to put naughty babies away (I say naughty, as I just caught them climbing up and de-booking the mantle). Naughty babies indeed.


Michelle said...

Debooking the mantle, huh? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw those books on the mantle, next to their bunk beds in the picture of the boys' very cute room. Yes, I do lurk.

Got your e-mail, Kelly. Sorry I haven't had a chance to write back yet. I will write soon though. I'm usually exhausted when I get a chance to sit at the computer these days. I'll fill you in soon.

Flighty Girl said...

Hi Michelle,
Glad to know you're lurking. I thought I was being so clever by not putting the ladder in there and they therefore would not be able to get onto the top bunk. Silly me, I forgot I gave birth to monkeys, so John climbs right up on top. He has yet to figure out how to get down though, so he's pretty much caught when he does go up there. They are very lucky they are so darn cute. Otherwise........
Look forward to hearing more from you later.

Sumojason said...


Wow, your basil looks great. Mine didn't survive, but my rosemary, parsley and oregano are doing great. I just need to find a place inside for them once the weather turns.

Bridget said...

It's called "Mommy Brain" and with each additional kid, it gets worse. Yeah, I'm a frequent flyer!

Flighty Girl said...

Hey J,
I almost killed the basil but fortunately it came back. It must have been partly due to "mommy brain" as I was not watering it enough and then wondering why it was dying. It's happy, and tasty, now.