Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Second Cousins Once Removed

Who really knows how all that works anyways? We all went to the Children's Museum and had a very grand time.
Finn, Lucia, & John
Watching the babes.
Smiling for the camera.
After the museum we went to lunch at Quiet Storm, just in case Erin was missing her hippie-ish hometown;) Actually, they have some of the best food I've tried in Pittsburgh and toys in the back for little ones to play with between bites. After that, I crashed with the boys and Katie made dinner. Yum, yum. She also made a little pear tart-ish sort of thing which I'm off to eat right now. All in all, very nice day.


mamabean said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. It looks like everyone is having a good time, wish I was there.
Tell Erin, Isabella was calling for Lucia at Grandma's house.
She was yelling, "Cia are you?"
Translation: Lucia where are you?
Miss everyone xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

old fella said...

erin, kate, kelly have the same grand parents, they are 1st cousins. john, pj and lucia have the same great grand parents, they are 2nd cousins. erin is john and pj's 1st cousin, once removed(a generation apart, kelly and kate are luci's 1st cousin once removed. dad