Saturday, September 1, 2007

What can you buy for $20?

This is what I was able to get for $20 at garage sales this weekend:

A bread machine

A serger (still in the box)

A food saver with one roll of plastic bags

20 kids size plastic hangers

A set of three antiqued candle holders

A pewter serving tray

A door mat

6 bags of stuffing (I can make the cushion for the window seat now)

A Fancy Italian soup tureen

9 sets of knitting needles

2 boxes of crayons

And a partridge in a pear tree

Well, aside from the partridge and pear tree, I was able to leave the house with a $20 this morning and come back with this whole list of stuff. I'm so darn pleased with myself. It would be fun to start a little tally of thrifted things to see how much you can actually buy for $20. So if you wanna do it too, put it on your blog and send me a link. Seeing other people's thrifty finds is almost as thrilling as getting them myself.

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