Tuesday, October 30, 2007

and the days go whirly-whirly

The days have just been whirling away. Where they go, I'm not sure. My mom came in town tonight and is staying for a bit, which is soooo very great. Though she sprained her foot last night, so now she's hobbling up and down our many stairs. Poor mom.
I've been working on my first quilt ever, and it's coming along. Very rustic-ish looking. I'm also making a new book bag for our library visits. We've been having much fun taking huge piles of books to get cozy with and read, so a larger bag is required. John and I especially love our reading time when Finn's sleeping. He and I have been sitting down and reading and practicing our letters and such, but it's been wiping us both out, and we have ended up falling asleep too. Very cozy, really.
I've been meaning to take more pictures of the city, and today I managed to carry my camera with me and kind of photo journal the day:

Morning light while taking Dan to school.

Waiting for coffee.

The Heinz Factory (taken from a moving car). We see this from Bigelow every day. There's a little overlook I mean to stop in some day, and there are wild turkeys there on a most regular basis. Never before here did I realize wild turkey was something other than a drink.

A cool looking fire-escape I saw while being lost down town. I get lost down town every time I drive there. I don't know why. Every stinkin time though.

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