Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flighty Girl and the Cozy Day

It's been a cozy day. We made pancakes for breakfast and stayed in our pj's till at least 9:30am - the boys longer, for sure. After that, Dan studies, and we did house things. I sorted out most of the summer clothes from the boy's drawers and finally hung up some things on the wall in their room that I had been intending to do for some time. I also worked on prettifying the craft room. Dan and his friend finally put up the shelves for me, so I went about making them pretty. I just took some leftover fabric and covered them. I think they turned out very cute. Easier than painting or staining.

Then we went to the park for a bit, walked along Forbes where the shops are, and finally stopped in at the library for a bit. They had a book for me and a new train table the boys love playing with.

Finny trying to hide.

Someone should have told John he could have just walked around.

And here is the sweetheart who sent me out after dinner to just relax and browse in the bookstore. All the while, he did the dishes, played with the boys and then gave them their baths.

All in all, such a satisfying, cozy day. Now I'm off to spend time with that sweetheart. Happy weekend to you.


mamabean said...

I love your new title background. The pictures are very you.

Vanillabean said...

How did you cover your shelves, staple gun? Glue gun? Just a gun? That man of yours is very sweet.

Flighty Girl said...

Thanks Lisa. You can't read the description though, so I'm going to try and get a better pic to put there.

Erin, I just used a glue gun, glueing (sp?) only on the two sides and the back that faces the wall. I didn't want any hardened glue to ruin the smooth look of it.

Michelle said...

I like the pictures too. You might try to see if you can change the color of the font and pick a color that shows up better. You can also make the font bold or bigger.

Joanna said...

So sweet of him....You are a lucky lady. Miss you guys