Monday, October 15, 2007

Mohawk Monday

Well, they're more Faux-hawks, I guess. And this is the hairstyle they will be wearing for the next two weeks, or at least until their hair finally grows out from the less than stunning haircuts I have just given them. I thought about telling people they got gum stuck in their hair and this was the best we could do, or that it was the barber who did it, but in the end, that would be lying. So here's my confession: I cut my sons' hair. Badly. Very badly. I am so sorry boys.
Thank goodness they are too young to even understand.
(If you think from the pictures they don't look too bad, that's because I didn't show you the back of their heads. And faux-hawks cover a multitude of sins, apparently.)


mamabean said...

I think mohawks are very cute on babies. I sometimes give Isabella one after a bath. Sometimes I even give myself a mohawk after a bath, just to let people know, even though I'm a mom, I'm still hip;)

Flighty Girl said...

The image of you, pregnant, with a mohawk, made me smile, very big.

Joanna said...

Cute boys. Can't wait till Eli has hair.