Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh, the excitement

Well, Saturday was more of an exciting day. I think. Well, as exciting as our days get. Actually, it was more cozy than exciting, but I think cozy is exciting... anyways.
We spent out time doing a little baking (I've been baking our own bread with such regularity that we don't buy our bread from the store anymore, which I find kind of exciting in itself), tidying, and playing. I went for a little jog for the first time in forever. I'm a bit sore today, but not so bad. After all, it has been forever. But the real excitement came in the afternoon when we went and got an armoire!! I've been looking for one to put the t.v. in for months now. I finally got a craigslist special. (And mom, you'll be proud of the price!!) After that we went to Ikea for a little lookey-loo, and I just got a bit of fabric and this little easel I've been eyeing for quite some time. It's perfect for John, who loves coloring ,and I think it will be useful for homeschooling.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble for a little train table time, and I got a new little poetry book. I'm very much enjoying it.

So a cozy/exciting Saturday it was. I'm hoping today will be more of the same.


annemcd said...

You're homeschooling, too?? yea!

Flighty Girl said...

Yeah, we're homeschooling. But no socks and sandles here. Well, we have boys, so it's not really applicable. But you know what I mean.