Friday, October 12, 2007

Real Life

The Photo Friday challenge for today is 'real life'

Here's my real life. Little munchkins. Lotsa messes.

We did a whole lotta baking this morning. Finn got covered in flour. He's still got it in his hair.

This was the scene after I finally made all short people leave the kitchen. I made some french bread for tonight's dinner, another key lime pie to use up the limes I have, and a big batch of cookie dough for freezing. I'm giving the cookie dough to a friend who's moving. Her house is on the market and I've heard you should try to bake bread or cookies prior to an open-house to make the home feel and smell more homey. She's got three little ones, and probably doesn't want to deal with a scene similar to the one shown above, so now she'll have tidy little cookies ready to bake.

Last night we went to the farmers market and got lots of fresh veggies, and I finally got a picture. (Just the one though, it was raining and we were trying to go fast.) I love the farmer's market and I'm sad that we won't have it after this month. Well, not till Spring. I got some broccoli for super cheap, but it doesn't usually go over very well with little boys. Any ideas on hiding it in things?? (And I'm not talking about the seat cushions - where I, and my siblings, often hid our vegetables when we were little.) I'm thinking about making a pasta with red sauce and blending it into the sauce, but am very open to other ideas.

So there's some of my real life. I hope I don't get shamed for multiple submissions or something. It's just one submission, right?? Just multiple pics on the post. Anyways...


mamabean said...

How fun to let the kids play in the flour! I think I'll let Isabella do that tomorrow.
Have I mentioned, your kitchen is adorable?

Bridget said...

Kelly, I recently saw an Oprah show where she discussed getting kids to eat veggies. She had Jessica Seinfeld on (Jerry Seinfeld's wife) and she talked about doing veggie purees for the week. Here's a link:

My girls LOVE brocolli, but Michael does not. Michael eats other veggies, well, because he has to! Anyway, if anyone could do the puree thing, I believe YOU can! Very interesting stuff. Try that!

PS: Come visit us in VA again! We miss you guys!

Bridget said...

Better Link To Puree Thing