Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sick Day

We're all a bit sick today, we've got a virus that's given us all fevers. I'm managing well with Ibuprofen, but the boys are a sad lot. So cute, but sad. They are replacing the windows upstairs, so we all got cozy on the pullout this afternoon for naps. A bit like camping in the living room. Except not outdoors. So definitely my kind of camping.

The boys and I have been making our "Fall Collection". Picking up pretty leaves, acorns with "their hats on", and horse chestnuts and putting them together to make up our pretty little centerpiece. We've been looking up the leaves and seeds in a DK Tree book I picked up at a rummage sale. It's been a fun way to learn about trees for John. You should hear him say "conifers", it's pretty cute.

I was going to take some more pictures, like one of my dress, but the batteries died in my camera. I'll have to get more in the morning. Hopefully we'll be feeling a bit better in the morning.


Meredith said...

Feel better soon. I love your nature tray.

mamabean said...

I love your fall display, I think I'll take Isabella out this afternoon to collect some leaves.