Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweater Weather: It's Finally Here

This is what I wore today. A sweater! I'm gleeful. Positively gleeful. It was so cozy and gray - and we listened to David Gray, which always makes me feel like Fall - we baked cookies, had yams with marshmallows on top, and I finally made bread from my bread maker and it came out beautifully. The trick was not to actually let it bake in the bread machine. Which is fine with me, I don't have to knead it, just let the machine do the work, throw it in the bread pan and bake. Plus, it's a much prettier loaf when it's in a bread pan rather than baked in the machine. That is, if it would actually baked the right way in the machine, but it doesn't.
I forgot, I was going to share our little bird feeders we made in honor of St. Francis of Assisi's feast. We were sick on the actual day, so we made them the next, but I'm sure St. Francis didn't mind.

We just took some Fall shaped cookie cutters (I got 4 for a dollar at Target) and stamped out the shape in some bread.
Coated it with peanut butter and then covered it in birdseed.
Then we went out and hung it on a little branch on our plum tree. Then we said the prayer of St. Francis together. We looked outside a couple hours later and it was completely gone, I'm sure a squirrel got it. John was very pleased with himself for being such a good "animal-food chef."

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